This rating is for anyone to read.

It may contain: humor, and a bit of violence. Their should be no mention of sexual intercourse or curse words.

They shouldn't be anything scary or goreish in this story.


This is a rating for anyone 10 and older.

Their should be no mention of sexual intercourse.

Writers can use minor curse words (crap, damn, and hell).

This rating may contain: moderate violence minor gore, and humor.


This rating is for more mature readers, 13 and older.

Their should be no description of sexual intercourse, but you can involve in it writing.

Mild curse words may be used (sh*t, crap, hell, damn, and b*tch).

May contain: intense violence, gore, suggestive themes, and/or humor.


This rating is for for readers 17 and older.

Anything goes basically.

Mature may contain: extreme violence, extreme blood/gore, mature themes, mature humor.